Flatbed towing VS Towing With A Dolly In San Francisco

What Is Flatbed Towing? In What Cases Is It Good?

Flatbed towing is where the vehicle towed rests with all four wheels on a the flat surface at the rear of a flatbed tow truck. Nine out of ten professional towing jobs are done using flatbed towing and for good reason. Flatbed towing is the safest way to tow, it also allows a tow truck to be driven relatively easily even when on haul. There are situations where flatbed towing is the only way to go, for instance when towing a vehicle with a broken axle or when towing a motorcycle.

Why Tow With A Dolly? n What Cases? The main reason to tow with a dolly is that it allows you to tow using almost any vehicle providing it is equipped with a tow hook. By attaching a tow dolly behind your vehicle you can use it to tow another four wheeled vehicle, this comes in handy when you wish to tow a car behind a motor-home or for towing special vehicles not intended to be driven through regular traffic (racing cars for instance).

Towing with a dolly is no simple matter and should be treated accordingly.

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