Local & Long Distance Towing in/to and from San Francisco

Most tow companies consider a tow over a distance of more than 30 miles a long distance tow. Although the technical operations may be similar in both local & long distance towing there are differences between the two, each type of tow has typical characteristics which should be considered in order to get the job done properly.

Iron Towing San Francisco and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates’ goal is to provide comprehensive roadside assistance and towing services to the local community, this naturally includes both local & long distance towing. Years of experience has taught us all there is to know about both types of towing, we know what to put a special emphasis on in each case.

The Characteristics of Local Towing

Generally speaking, a tow for a distance of less than 30 miles is considered a local tow.
More times than not local towing involves a vehicle that has broken down unexpectedly, due to mechanical failure or a road accident. Such an occurrence leaves the vehicles driver and passengers stranded and in need of assistance.

In such circumstances time is of the essence, at Iron Towing San Francisco we know how important it is for you to get back on track as soon as possible. This is why we operate a 24/7 all year round dispatch and a large fleet of modern, perfectly maintained tow trucks. It is this combination which allows us to guarantee a fast response time.

Just a phone call away we can be at your side in no time.
Once on spot our professional, service oriented techs take charge, keeping everybody safe, loading up your vehicle and moving things along with amazing efficiency.

Circumstances Calling for Long Distance Towing

Long distance towing is called for on occasion of families relocating and wanting a vehicle they own transported to their new place of residence without having to drive it there.
Other times long distance towing involves towing special vehicles, such as vintage cars, dune buggies, race cars etc.

With long distance towing there typically is less of a rush, such tows are usually planned in advance. Reliability is fundamental, driving a loaded tow truck over long distances calls for top quality professional handling, just the type Iron Towing San Francisco tow techs are sure to provide.

Iron Towing San Francisco and its network of independently owned and licensed affiliates offer the following services:
• Local & Long distance towing
• Light, medium and heavy duty towing
• Flatbed towing
• Wrecker services
• Tow with dolly
• Motorcycle towing
• Any kind of roadside assistance (gas refilling, battery jump start, flat tire, auto locksmith services etc.)

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